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About the Jewelry

I find it curious that humans, since the beginning of time, have felt the need to adorn themselves with objects. In a world saturated by needless things, it is easy to forget how something like a piece of jewelry, crafted with intention, can offer a sense of meaning and beauty to the wearer. 


Each piece of jewelry is hand-carved in wax by Evangeline, and cast in small batches using the ancient lost-wax casting method.


 I believe in collective nostalgia, and hope my pieces encourage you to pursue mystery and engage your senses of wonderEach piece of Evangeline jewelry is a miniature world evoking a daydream. 


Evangeline Jewelry seeks to remind wearers of lost imaginary worlds from our childhood, invite them to care for their souls through the art of adornment, and inspire belief in the potential for material objects to provide a sense of meaning that can last well beyond a lifetime.


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