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I started making jewelry at the age of ten amidst a childhood of daydreaming and treasure hunting. A decade later, I taught myself the craft of wax carving in my Los Angeles apartment and began casting pieces in the downtown jewelry district. As a homage to my childhood self, I named the brand my full first name, Evangeline. The genesis of each piece is one of a kind, but all born from the same intention to tend to the unique soul of the wearer.


 I find it curious that humans, since the beginning of time, have felt the need to adorn themselves with objects. In today's fast paced world, I believe we have forgotten how to care for our souls. We struggle to find meaning and connection. Creating jewelry art is my personal antidote to nihilism. I feel joy when I discover or create a treasure, an item that sparks something in me that I cannot articulate, something that embodies the sense of wonder and mystery that makes life worth living. 


 The individuals who connect with my jewelry likely share some common thread, be that an experience, an idea, or an emotion.  I believe that  there is some sense of collective nostalgia that can be evoked by the visual motifs I use in my work. I seek to remind wearers of the lost imaginary worlds from our childhood, inspire them to care for their souls through the art of adornment, and inspire belief in the potential for material objects to provide a sense of meaning that can last well beyond a lifetime.

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